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7/11/13: Gone Fishin' -- again


A few months ago we started to overhaul our operations, website included, so we hung out the Gone Fishin' sign.  


It was hard to stay away.   We had a lot of anxious anglers asking when we'd be back, so we decided to bring the website back in May to get caught up with demand.


Bad knees have added to the problem. The last thing I wanted to do was to suspend operations again.  But it couldn't be avoided.


Now it's time to finish the job with my knees and the web site.  We'll be back as soon as we're ready -- but this time, not before. 


We'll let you know the minute that happens. Please check out the site occasionally and/or check the Vermont Forum to see when the site is re-opened.


Many thanks for your business and thank you for your patience.


...until we're really ready.




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